With all of the challenges smaller businesses are facing these days, we wanted to share some examples of bike shops that are making strides in staying busy, keeping the service flowing, all while keeping their employees and customers safe. Let’s see how Martin from Rad Der Stadt Magdeburg in Germany is handling all of the constant changes.

“We started our own buisness with KONA 10 years ago. 18.03.2010 was the opening with Andreas Hoffmann and Jan Hoogland. Kona is our first and most loved bikebrand! The big anniversery party sadly had to be cancelled. What makes us special? We all are cyclists and love to ride roads, gravel, rocks and “forest speedways” – our speciality is our love of eccentric bikes…without motors (laughs).”

“During the pandemic, bikestores and workshops were allowed to work in Sachsen-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, while in all other parts of Germany only workshops could open. We worked hard to get the work done, mostly repairs and tubes and tyres but also some new bikes – mostly gravel bikes. The door was closed and customers had to call us and get a termin for their bikes before we let them in. We tried to seperate the necessary and unnecessary wishes, which didn’t work very well… good weather and too much free time for most people braught us extra work!”

“April 21st was the first day we tried to get back to “normal” work with open doors. We’re looking forward to survive with only some scratches…I have the big hope that people will have more respect for service providers in future.”