Words by Ambassador Shae James.

If you like to fly remote-controlled airplanes in your backyard, would you dream of piloting a Fisher-Price toy across the world? No! You’d dream of going to the moon! In what vessel though?  

I don’t know a thing about airplanes, but I also dream of sending it to the moon. And here is how I plan to get there.

Kicking things off with my short Kona Shonky steel dirt jumper frame, I needed to make sure mine stood out in a crowd. In my hometown, there is an absolute sea of these greenish, bluish, shred machines. With a few cuts of vinyl, I can ensure I don’t pick up the wrong one. I also made sure to include my own signature design tucked away on the frame. 
Next, we have a cane creek headset cradling a RockShox Pike DJ fork, topped with a Kona Stem and Kore Components Rivera handlebars with a 60 mm rise. This amount of rise puts the right amount of weight in my feet and the right amount of pressure off of my hands. These bars are capped with a set of gum-colored Kona grips, which are really comfortable without gloves.

    So, what’s getting this thing rolling? A set of Hope Pro 4 hubs, front, and rear. The front rim is a Spank Spoon 32, while the rear is actually a Canfield DH 26” rim! This rim is a little nod to my friends whose home base used to be down the road from me. It reminds me of a really fun couple of years hanging out and riding bikes with the brothers and a couple of their employees. Aside from the good times, this rim is tough and perfect for the rear. Finally, these hand-built wheels are wrapped in a set of Maxxis DTH skinwall tires. Things are starting to look coordinated! 

      How do you stop this crazy ride? Thanks to SRAM and its lightweight two-piston Level Ultimate brake paired with a 160mm rotor, I’ll be able to abort the mission at (almost) any moment.

        Okay, but where do my feet go? Put them right here on this set of Composite Kona Wah Wah II’s! Held up by SRAM’s 170mm Eagle GX cranks and a SRAM threaded bottom bracket.

        Nothing left to do at this point…

        TO THE MOON!