Kona Ambassadors

Eating Up Miles and Butter Tarts on the BT700

Eastern Canada’s first official bikepacking event, the BT 700, saw a massive number of riders at the grand depart in St. Jacobs, Ontario. Whether participants came out to set records or tour the mixed surface route, everyone more than likely enjoyed some good ol’ southwestern

Dr. Seuss Meets Travel by Bike

Kona Ambassador Ryan Lindsey Bartz put together this whimsical little poetic video about her world travels and what it takes to truly find yourself when traveling by bike.

Ambassador Simone Medici Crowned Gravitalia Overall Champion!

Congrats to Ambassador Simone Medici for taking the overall title in the Italian Gravitalia National circuit! Here’s his recap of the big event. I started the season with an overall podium goal. At the beginning of 2019, I started working full time in the local

Lost and Found: An Ode to My Honzo

Words by Ambassador Delia Massey. Photos by Kinsey Smith. What do you do when your Process 153 is in the shop for a few weeks, but it’s the perfect time of year for big alpine adventure rides? You throw some Minions on your Honzo and

The Shortest Night

As we enter fall the days are becoming shorter and the temperatures are dropping. It seems like it always happens so fast. While most of us celebrate the longest days of summer, Ambassador Trevor Browne opted to ride through the shortest night on his Dynamo

Lost & Found, A Love Story

Words and photos by Ambassador Lita Monaghan. You may be familiar with the age-old practice of giving specific anniversary gifts based on the number of years you’ve been married.  Anniversary gifts start out simple, and as the years pass, a strong marriage becomes associated with

Finding Winter In The Sierra Nevadas

Words by Ambassador Becky Gardner. They say the only constant in life is change, and the seasons are the perfect reminder of this. Once we get all cozy and comfy with one season the weather quickly rips the rug out from under us reminding us

Lost and Found by Markus Zieher

Words by Ambassador Markus Zieher It´s that Time of the year again when the sun sets down early. We are moving towards winter. That means short or no evening sessions at the Dirt Jumps cause we lost the sun light. But @s-trails_2.0 found a solution. He „just“ built some kind

Time Travel Through the Olympic Peninsula

Words and Images by ambassador Lita Monaghan. I recently embarked on a multi-day bike ride with an amazing group of women cyclists, as well as my husband, “The Eric,” who provided luxury SAG during the ride.  The route took us not only on a tour

Lost and Found in the Mountains of Madrid

Words and photos by Ambassador Clara Cendoya Ibanez Yuhuuu!! Warm time, rain, mud party!!  It is a shame

Lost and Found in Dreams

Photos // Ambassador Alex Luise. Rider // Ambassador Simone Medici. “To find oneself again one must have the right balancebetween the forces of the unconscious mind and those of the conscious mind.” -Matteo Mainetti “Get lost and find yourself, like in a dream. To leave and

Colt Fetter’s Custom Wozo

Kona Ambassador Colt Fetters is big on adventure biking. When it came time for him to choose a bike, he opted for the Wozo. The bigger tires and carrying capabilities were exactly what he needed for adventures in the desert or snow. Colt also modified